Couples Counselling

Common Relationship Issues

  • Do you find the same problems keep coming up over and over?
  • Are you constantly fighting but nothing seems to get resolved?
  • Do small disagreements seem to escalate and become major problems?
  • Have you and your partner given up on communicating with each other?
  • Are you worried that you are heading towards a separation or divorce?

Feeling isolated or unhappy?

Sharing your life with someone can be a rewarding venture, increasing our sense of wellbeing, happiness and nurturing our emotional needs. Unfortunately, when relationships turn negative, it can be devastating, leaving us feeling isolated, betrayed, unhappy and angry.

If left unaddressed, this can signal the end of a relationship …

At Lifeways Consulting, we offer a Confidential, Supportive, Non-biased and Safe environment where You and your Partner can learn new ways to communicate and start to repair or rebuild your relationship.
In the sessions we will identify the areas of your relationship that you find challenging, determine the health of your relationship, communicate respectfully and honestly and ultimately help you build a stronger and more productive partnership.

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